Race Human
Relations Renaldo (father)
Regine (mother)
Herve (brother)
Voice Actor Holly Quin-Ankrah (as Holly Quin)

Suzette is the daughter of Regine and Renaldo, and the sister of Herve. She is also Ellen's first friend in the village. She never knew her father and brother, and hated her mother.


Regine was still pregnant with Suzette when Herve died and Renaldo was murdered. For a while, she actually believed that her mother was the one that pushed her father from the Cliff of Sidhe, since the villagers had told her that they'd heard screaming that night.
When Ellen first came to the village Suzette was very wary of her, but as time went along they became the closest of friends.
What isn't known about Suzette until very late in the game is that she followed her mother to the village and actually saw her get murdered by a woman in a black cloak, which later turned out to be Ellen's mother. When she realized this, Suzette snapped and tried to get rid of all of the evidence from seventeen years ago.
It is speculated that when Ellen's mother came close to her daughter after she'd fainted, Suzette stabbed her with a dagger, and that was the reason she'd died later in the game.
Suzette was the one who had started committing the recent village murders, trying to get everyone to stop digging in the past and just forget it all. (It is also speculated that Suzette was doing this to keep from getting hurt.)
After everything is discovered, Suzette leaves a message for Mrs. Lester to thank Ellen, and she leaves the village to start a new life. She apologized for the murders, but decided that she just couldn't stay.


  • Suzette variant of Susan (Hebrew) and Suzanne (French); It means "lily".

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