Why did the Faery Lord try to sever all corporeal world links?

This quest is unlocked in the Visions of the Tower Pack. It is available to Ellen/Keats during the day/night by speaking with Pub Landlord/Ganconer.

Guide Edit

In each area, you must defeat the creatures that can't be found in that realm. So, In the first area, defeat or absorb the Wrynecks without absorbing the Pouke.

In the second, defeat the Answerer and leave the Ga-boi.

Third, defeat the Brollachan, then the Daru, leave the Cu Sidhe. Daru can be defeated easily by using sleep.

Fourth, defeat Patriot, then Agapanthus, leave Skriker.

Fifth, defeat Hawkeye, the Garbera, leaving Boobrie.

Reward Edit

Repeat the quest to receive:

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