Check the perfect gift bought by Renaldo before his death.
(Faery Realm) (background)
Renaldo is fixated on his dead son Herve, and wants to fulfill his wish.

This quest is unlocked in Chapter 1 of the storyline. It is available to Keats during the night by speaking with Ganconer.

-It seems that in the Faery Realm, Charlie is overcome by the emotions of the dead. It is up to Keats to see what it seems to be.
-Charlie explains that it is the thoughts of Renaldo that are haunting him. Renaldo really wanted to give something to his son, Herve. Charlie asks Keats to go ask the father what the boy wanted so the thinking possessions stop. When approached, Renaldo is stumped on what perfect gift to bring his ill son.
-When Keats asks Herve what his father should get him, Herve admits that he wants a minor magazine called UNKNOWN REALMS. Fortunately, as a writer for the dying magazine industry, Keats instructs him to call the company for a copy. Herve asks if he's allowed to go visit Keats' office sometime, and he approves his permission.
-When Herve approached his dad, Renaldo, he receives his own copy of UNKNOWN REALMS. Renaldo admits that he was lucky to get the magazine while it still stood. When Herve told him about the writer that he had met (Keats), his father encouraged him to get better so he could tour his office.
-Meanwhile, Charlie is completely relieved and satisfied that the dead man's thoughts stopped going through him. Keats is quite fond that his magazine had devoted readers.

Quest RewardsEdit

--Acquired [Golden Ore] x 5!
--Acquired [Green Ore] x 5!
--Acquired [Green Quartz] x 5!

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