Help Charlie, a famous saxophonist, hold a concert.
This quest is unlocked after Chapter 1 of the storyline. It is available to Ellen during the night by speaking with Ganconer. It is not repeatable.


You will automatically be back at the Faery Realm.

Talk to Scarecrow, Frizzie, and finally Charlie. He will ask you for a reed made of Faery Wood.

Head north to the next area and then head east. Break the memory stones here and you will get Faery Realm Book Page 2 (if you did not get it earlier). It will be in one of the floating memory stones. Once you have it head west and north to the next area. Keep going north and you will see a Faery standing near a big glowing tree. He will give you the Faery Reed. Then head south to return to Charlie and talk to him.