Quell the gang that is terrorizing HellRealm.
This quest is unlocked in the Alchemist Pack. It is available to Ellen during the night by speaking with Ganconer.

Guide Edit

Battle to the top of the Tower...

Lift to First Floor

Fachans will attack, but to stop the lift, you must absorb ALL of their Id's together, to make things harder, you are on a time limit. You have 1:30 to complete the task.

Lift to second floor

Caesg is in this part of the lift, along with his underlings, Caesg, is the ony Id you need to absorb, however, their Id's will not show until you dispose of the ulbyr. Your time limit is 2:00

Lift to Top Floor

"A scythe-wielding phantom" is in this part of the lift. When you defeat/absorb it, it will summon another, when all of the folk are of the same type, you will be able to complete the area, your time limit is 3:00.

There will be three as you

Top Floor

There are 2 Morallta/Beagallta and an endless supply of Wryneck's, kill any wryneck and the Morallta/Begallta with regain full health, attack with Sleep and charm until the Red ID shows, the attack with Pouke until it is defeated, be careful not to kill any wrynecks.

Reward Edit

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