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This quest is unlocked in the Bottom of the Sea Pack. It is available to Keats during the night by speaking with Ganconer.

Guide Edit

Start by speaking with Damona (the fat lady half-life) in the Undersea City entrance way. Go to the dungeon area. Go east then north. You will have a short cut scene with an Annwn. Then defeat the 4 Bug-a-boo and 2 Ga-dearg. You will have a 2nd short cut scene with the Annwn. Go northeast into the safe zone area. You will have a short cutscene with a Mnemosyne. Then go through the path leading to the Forgotten Palace. From this point on DO NOT KILL ANY FOLKS NATIVE TO THE UNDERSEA CITY. Kill all and only the folks that come from a different realm in order to unlock the path to the next area. Go north, then east, then west. You will have to defeat about 8 Bug-a-boos and 1 Bargest before moving on from here. You will have a short cutscene with the Annwn. Then go north and speak to Damona for a cutscene ending to this quest.

Reward Edit

Repeat the quest to receive:

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