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    Purple Stone

    November 8, 2013 by ナナア風麻

    *====Purple Stone====

    Purple Stone

    Purple Stone is visual kei [JRock] band

    from OSAKA / JAPAN

    Purple Stone have 3 member

    1.Fuma - Bass

    2.Keiya - Vocal

    3.Gak - Guitar & Programming

    • ====Purple Stone offcial website====

    Purple Stone Official Website

    The Purple Stone official website :

    • ====Purple Stone Biography====


    Fuma Purple Stone 

    Part : Bass

    Date of Birth : 6/28

    Blood Type : A

    Favorite : Kurt cobain,Neil Barrett,Cat,Movie

    Keiya Purple Stone 

    Part : Vocal 

    Date of Birth : 5/30

    Blood Type : B

    Favorite : Coffee,Wine


    Gak Purple Stone 

    Part : Guitar&Programming

    Date of Birth : 1/16

    Blood Type : A

    Favorite : Heavy Rock,Metal,Trance,Pops

    • ====Purple Stone Music====
    • ====Purple Stone 試聴音源(『Scar』/『願い』)====

    Purple Stone Music

    Purple Stone 試聴音源(『S…

    Read more >

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