Unmask the source of the voice from the sea.
This quest is unlocked in Chapter 3 of the storyline. It is available to Ellen during the day by speaking with the Pub Landlord.

Guide Edit

You will start off at the Old Capitol, talk to the feary, he will tell you that he lost his pendant. He sill say that he thinks where he dropped it. Sometimes he says he thinks its along the path with all those Hobbledys. In this case, head north and fight all the folks in this room. If he says it is along the path with all those Dracaes, then you dont need to fight the folks in the first room, you have to enter the first room and go east, there you must fight all the Dracaes. If he says it is along the path will lots of Cu Sidhe or any other folk, you must enter to the first room and then head west. Once you defeat them (in any room he told you to go) Ellen will go back with the Faery and he will tell you that you did not find it. Then he will tell you another direction to go. Do as in the first time. This time you will find his pendent.

Reward Edit

Repeat the quest to recieve:

The quest will always be on the quest list, so you can repeat it if you need any of the rewards from the second time you completed it.

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