When it gets angry, both enemy and ally alike will be blasted indiscriminately with its flames. Burning itself then coming to its sense, it's always sorry.
This folk is available with Keats and can be acquired from Warcadia.

Volcano's Data

Folk Volcano artwork


File:Folk Volcano screen.jpg

Attack Type

Mid-range, Fire element area attacks. Throws flames continously when button depressed. Can change direction of flames during attack.

Karma Release

  1. Absorb 1 Volcano Id - MC Consumption lowered
  2. Defeat 10 Hawks - Attack Power increased
  3. Defeat 10 Folks - Attack Power increased

Item Drops

Recommended Strategy

Volcano has a powerful cannon so always keep moving and don't stand still or Keats will become a target. Beat any other folks in the area first and then attack Volcano from a distance with Bullseye.

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