The Warcadia gauntlet is a crowd control strategy that Ellen can employ against a wide array of weaker folks, especially useful against large groups of enemies. For this strategy, Ellen should equip 4 folks with non-elemental attack type that either physically run ahead and knock back enemies, like Hawk, Mandragora or Fachan or launch some sort of missile that does the same, like Barrager or Worthog. Ellen will then simply run around the group of enemies, occassionally turning inward towards the center and quickly conjuring any folk that is available, as often as her mana allows. This will have the effect of continuously knocking enemies back towards the center of the circle, where damage from all attacks will also be concentrated. This usually makes short work of all enemies without resistance to non-elemental attacks.

Modified warcadia gauntlet

If any kind of folk with resistance to non-elemental attacks but with a weakness toward a certain type of element is mixed into the group, then replace one of the four folks in the attack slots with a folk that knocks back enemies with an elemental attack, like Peg Powler, Muscari or Boobrie. For flying folks, a Telanthera in the mix usually does the trick.

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