This quest is unlocked in the Kidnapped Folk. It is available to Keats during the night by speaking with Ganconer.

Guide Edit

Help Brummbear win back his soldiers' respect.

Defeat Gargantua using only Brummbear and Maximilian.

Defeat all Folks in all areas on the way to Gargantua. Go north from where you meet Brummbear. You have to fight 2 Ga-dearg and 8 Hawk. Go north in the same screen and go around to the memory stone that appears. Break it, and one of the 3 stones blocking that exit will break. You have to find 2 other linked stones to clear the path. Go back to the south part of the same area, and take the east exit.

There will be a short cutscene where Brummbear sees a Bullseye under attack and insists on rescuing it. First you need to defeat 3 Patriot. After that, 5 more appear. When they're all defeated, there is a short cutscene with Bullseye and the next linked memory stone appears. Break it, and go back through the northwest exit to the area you were in before. It's clear, so you don't have to fight all those Folks again.

Go to the north part of the area and take the west exit (the only open one you haven't already been to). 9 Hawk, Bullseye, and Barrager will ambush you, but they shouldn't be a challenge. After you defeat them, break the stone and head back east to the main area. The final barrier stone will break and you can now pass to the north.

Here you have to fight Gargantua, but Brummbear chickens out, leaving you to fight with only Maximilian. The two memory stones have large life drops if you need them.

Brummbear will tell you that there's more to do, so go north and defeat 1 Gargantua, 2 Ga-Deargs, and 2 Patriots. Brummbear will rejoin you, so you can fight with both Folks again. Once you defeat Gargantua, the quest is done and you'll end up back in the pub.

Reward Edit

Repeat the quest to receive:

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