People who see the Worthhog approach its targets and drop bombs so casually, feel a chill of fear and a strong sense of outrage against war in general.
This folk is available with Ellen and can be acquired from Warcadia.

Worthog's Data

File:Folk Worthog artwork.jpg
Folk Worthog screen


Attack Type

Non-elemental forward area attacks. Launches airborne bombing run in a line. Release karma to lengthen bombardment distance.

Karma Release

  1. Defeat 10 Folks - Attack Power increased
  2. Absorb 5 Worthhog Ids - Effect Area increased
  3. Defeat 5 Barrager - Attack Power increased
  4. Defeat 1 Malabaricus - MC Consumption lowered

Item Drops

Recommended Strategy

Worthog will drop bombs and charge at Ellen so try not to stay in its path. Use Degasser to hit Worthog in the air or on the ground. A thunder element attack can also be used to stun it for a short time.

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