The Wryneck are savage and wicked spirits, but their liveliness often attracts people to join them in their dances, only to have their souls stolen in the end.
This folk is only available with Ellen and can be acquired from the HellRealm.

Wryneck's Data

File:Folk Wryneck artwork.jpg
Folk Wryneck screen


Attack Type

Short-range, non-elemental combo attacks. Delivers punches in wide attack area. Release karma to up number that appear at once.

Karma Release

  1. Absorb 5 Wryneck Ids - Simultaneous Use + 1
  2. Absorb 10 Wryneck Ids - Simultaneous Use + 1
  3. Absorb 15 Wryneck Ids - Simultaneous Use + 1
  4. Defeat 20 Pouke - Attack Power increased

Item Drops

Recommended Strategy

Wryneck has a very simmilar appearance to Boggart but it will dodge to the sides and cartwheel a lot. Use wide area Destroy element folks such as Bargest to hit multiple Wryneck at once. Ellen's Bond and Sleep folks such as Dracae and Habetrot can be used to help.

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